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This is a personal experience from what I saw after the explosion on the night of 7th October 2017 at 19:30 hrs.

At evandy hostel in Legon few minutes after rehearsing with the choir, we saw students moving out of their rooms and after lights went off we saw yellowish lightening in the sky slightly above the evandy hostel building. What happened could best be described as a scene in a war movie. Students left their rooms and headed towards the University of Ghana Campus to seek refuge.

Few minutes after making a call to a friend home to ensure everything was fine, we got an information from some people driving from Atomic junction, Madina area that there had been a Gas explosion over there.




I felt severe heat shortly and when I turned I saw a huge ball of fire and from that moment I was more like a Sylvester Stallone a.k.a Rambo  finding his way out from a war zone in a movie.  I had to run for my life.

Over 1000 students at the hostel left their properties and doors unlocked because, lives are more important. Meanwhile the cause of the explosion is yet to be ascertained.

What happened tonight was dreadful and traumatic.

Not long ago there was a Gas explosion at Trade Fair in La and lifes were lost.

A very important question to ask is ”Have authorities not taken good safety measures?

If they havent then we are at risk of losing more lives and properties in the future.

A friend had to run in his pyjamas to go and lodge in a hotel, while others had to travel about 3miles to seek refuge.



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It is rather disheartening and pathetic that Ebony Reigns real name, Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng passed on by virtue of an accident at the very point of her career when she is soaring high.

She passed on in a terrific accident on the 8th of  February 2018 around 10pm on the Sunyani to Kumasi road.

Ebony reigns is undispustably talented. She is popularly known for her vocal prowess, her stage craft and her intelligent way of playing with words to somewhat seem subliminally profane.

She has been criticized for her way of dressing(exposing parts like her cleavage), but she has said once in an interview that the criticisms were needless.

She has always focused on coming out with newer songs and in the midst of the criticisms she released a song titled MAAME HW3 . In that song she puts out a message on women abuse and advocated for it to be curbed.

The song was and is indeed a beautiful one and she was lauded for coming out with such a hit. All her songs gained massive air play and her demise is a big blow to all ghanaians.

Many have claimed that she deserved the Artiste of the year award in the yet to be held the Ghana Music Awards.

A beautiful soul is gone.

Yaaw) jogbann

Damirifa Due!!!!!

Rest in perfect peace Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng a.k.a Ebony Reigns









power of make up



For there is a look that seemeth pretty unto a man but the end thereof is deception.

Looks of surprises. Permit me to use (Looks of surprises) as a euphemism for the actual word, scary.

The innovation of make-up in my view has done more harm than good. Make-up has brought a lot of deception and deceipt.In this era we can’t event tell the real and natural faces of our women.

Let me make an assertion that make-up is not entirely bad as it enhances our looks and makes us presentable especially the women.There are times that necessity arises for make-up to be done. A typical case can be seen in the display media where presenters or models appearing on set need to make up to appear presentable in the face of the lighting systems, cameras and the like.

Our beloved ladies need to put on make-up to look good when attending events etc.

Interestingly, the field of cosmetology has shown a rise in phenomenal make-up artists-Exhibition of their works in the popular fashion of the before and after has always wowed viewers. In most cases, whilst a glance of a finished make-up on a model might be relatively beautiful, a look at that model before the make-up was done would show a high level of variation or deviation in resemblence.

I must say that most of our Ghanaian/African  ladies are pretty without make-up.

The likes of Maame,Naa, Abena, Akuorkor, Ashorkor etc.. are pretty even without make-up. This does not posit that make-up is bad. It is good, however too much of it is so unacceptable and puts the men on a high risk of misrepresentation.

My lecturer once advised that if you are a man and you are chasing after a lady, go on an early morning jogging and pay the lady a surprise visit to see her real face..[hahahahaha] or better still, take her to a pool side to swim.

To my fellow men beware of make-up. The faces we see are tantamount to masks….

To the African woman:We love your natural faces.



Ghanaian heavyweight undefeated boxer Bukom Banku this evening  ” met his meter” (literally means faced a strong rival) in the much anticipated bout at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

Bukom Banku was knocked down in the 7th round by Bastie Samir a Ghanaian boxer based in the United States of America in Las Vegas. Both fighters were undefeated and Bukom Banku prior to the fight had said assertively and with disdain that Bastie Samir was a coconut seller and not a boxer.

Well, after 7 rounds the ”coconut seller” knocked down the boxer.Hahahahhahahaa

Watch the video below:





So I came across a video and thought it wise to share here. Thieves are so very smart and innovative that the least act of incircumspection could make you fall victim.

The video below shows some theft systems and tricks used by the thieves/ fraudsters. You would be surprised that you could fall victim easily given the intelligence applied.



Ace Nigerian international gospel  musician Nathaniel Bassey narrowly escaped death after he had an accident on the 28th of June 2017. The unfortunate incident occured after he had closed from his Hallelujah Praise challenge at the Glitz event centre Lekki, Nigeria.

The car which conveyed the music minister was wrecked  however, both he and the driver suffered no injuries. According to him a car run into theirs at the lekki round about causing their car to somersault.

He confirmed that they had no scratch. Find below his post on instagram.



Dr Elsie Effah Kaufmann
Dr Elsie Effah KaufmannIme .

Information reaching us from a source present at the just ended National Science and Maths Quiz at the National Theatre, has it that a handbag belonging to the Quiz mistress Dr Elsie Effah Kaufmann is missing. The handbag contains most of her id cards, car keys, home keys, her mobile phone and other valuables

The stage was crowded as she presented the first place award to The Prempeh College School and it is alleged that the unfortunate incident occured at that time.

It is rather unfortunate that such a memorable and exhilarating event is tainted by this incidence.  She has done a good job and deserves better than this.

We are hoping that the bag is found.


Barbara Mahama
Barbara Mahama

On 29th May 2017, a very distasteful and gruesome murder occurred in Denkyira, Obuasi in the Central Region in Ghana. The deceased, Major Maxwell Mahama was a very renowned military officer and left a legacy in the Ghana Armed Forces. The murder occurred by way of a mob attack and investigations are underway; a few suspects have been arrested.

The death of Major Maxwell Mahama was and is still a big blow to the family and the nation as a whole. The incident was so pathetic and disheartening that any rational person would know that this is a very hard time for the widow and she needs consolation.


Whilst the president, Ex president, Vice and a few other dignitaries and the nation as a whole have expressed immense sympathy towards Barbara Mahama, a certain woman somwhere has said that the widow has disappointed Ghanaians by not crying at her husbands funeral and by wearing old fashioned sun glasses. She had the effontery to record a voice note and asked that the audio be played for the widow.

I must say without regret that the highest level of stupidity globally is exhibited by the woman in the audio she made.

I cant say much because the more I talk about it the more it ”angrys” me.

Listen to the audio  below…………………………………………………………………………

She said things like ”I am so disappointed on you” etc……………………………..







I accede to the fact that this technological age has conceived a lot of good to both the young and old in many aspects of life; availability of information is key and very imperitive in this 21st century as it informs decision we make daily in our social and corporate worlds just to mention a few. Whilst various sources are available for obtaining information the internet( google, yahoo etc) is one of the most widely used sources because of the depth of vast and variant information one can obtain from it(internet). Other sources of information include journals, newspapers, transcripts from radio or Tv programmes, leaflets, photographs , artefacts and the like.

The use of the internet as a source of information requires the use of a search engine.

Some of the well known search engines are:

  • Google.
  • Bing.
  • Yahoo.
  • Ask.com.
  • AOL.com. etc.

 Google beyond reasonable doubts has been the top search engine and most widely used however lack of proper understanding of how google works can lead to misinformation and this has the tendency to be highly detrimental to the purpose for which the information in question is being sought for.

Most of the time, we need to analyze situations or problems with our brains, yet we primarily seek answers from google.What one may not know is that at times results produced by google are mere or raw expressions by others some of which are not proven to be correct.

The brain is a very powerful human organ and it has been likened to computers in recent times. We tend to underutilize the brain when we seldom analyse scenarios but rely solely on posts on the internet.

The internet is very very helpful in this era thus, the eminence of the google search engine cannot be underestimated. It goes a long way in providing relevant information for distinct purposes.

It is important however to note that there can be and there are  false information on the internet, so care must be taken when seeking for information for educational  and other purposes.

Google can be a curse ie obtaining false information from the engine or misusing/ misinterpreting obtained information. Some few ways one can avoid this are as follows:

  • Obtain information from credible sources( websites).
  • Use more than one source.
  • Look out for expert views.
  • Use the search engine to obtain information and use your brain for analyses.

Use GOOGLE wisely and circumspectively else it will become a curse rather than a blessing.

Good day.





Abraham Attah a ghanaian currently living in the USA for his education and career has made ghana proud again by attaining a 4.0 GPA in his first year at school( Chershire Academy).He was presented a Scholastic Improvement award. Abraham Attah is starting school in the USA for the first time and scoring a GPA of 4.0 is something to write home about. This is a clear indication that he is giving equal attention/ dedication to his academic works as much as his career in the movie industry.
He has made Ghanaians proud and his achievements are laudable.
Congratulations Abraham Attah and keep soaring high.