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So I came across a video and thought it wise to share here. Thieves are so very smart and innovative that the least act of incircumspection could make you fall victim.

The video below shows some theft systems and tricks used by the thieves/ fraudsters. You would be surprised that you could fall victim easily given the intelligence applied.



Ace Nigerian international gospel  musician Nathaniel Bassey narrowly escaped death after he had an accident on the 28th of June 2017. The unfortunate incident occured after he had closed from his Hallelujah Praise challenge at the Glitz event centre Lekki, Nigeria.

The car which conveyed the music minister was wrecked  however, both he and the driver suffered no injuries. According to him a car run into theirs at the lekki round about causing their car to somersault.

He confirmed that they had no scratch. Find below his post on instagram.



Dr Elsie Effah Kaufmann
Dr Elsie Effah KaufmannIme .

Information reaching us from a source present at the just ended National Science and Maths Quiz at the National Theatre, has it that a handbag belonging to the Quiz mistress Dr Elsie Effah Kaufmann is missing. The handbag contains most of her id cards, car keys, home keys, her mobile phone and other valuables

The stage was crowded as she presented the first place award to The Prempeh College School and it is alleged that the unfortunate incident occured at that time.

It is rather unfortunate that such a memorable and exhilarating event is tainted by this incidence.  She has done a good job and deserves better than this.

We are hoping that the bag is found.


Barbara Mahama
Barbara Mahama

On 29th May 2017, a very distasteful and gruesome murder occurred in Denkyira, Obuasi in the Central Region in Ghana. The deceased, Major Maxwell Mahama was a very renowned military officer and left a legacy in the Ghana Armed Forces. The murder occurred by way of a mob attack and investigations are underway; a few suspects have been arrested.

The death of Major Maxwell Mahama was and is still a big blow to the family and the nation as a whole. The incident was so pathetic and disheartening that any rational person would know that this is a very hard time for the widow and she needs consolation.


Whilst the president, Ex president, Vice and a few other dignitaries and the nation as a whole have expressed immense sympathy towards Barbara Mahama, a certain woman somwhere has said that the widow has disappointed Ghanaians by not crying at her husbands funeral and by wearing old fashioned sun glasses. She had the effontery to record a voice note and asked that the audio be played for the widow.

I must say without regret that the highest level of stupidity globally is exhibited by the woman in the audio she made.

I cant say much because the more I talk about it the more it ”angrys” me.

Listen to the audio  below…………………………………………………………………………

She said things like ”I am so disappointed on you” etc……………………………..







I accede to the fact that this technological age has conceived a lot of good to both the young and old in many aspects of life; availability of information is key and very imperitive in this 21st century as it informs decision we make daily in our social and corporate worlds just to mention a few. Whilst various sources are available for obtaining information the internet( google, yahoo etc) is one of the most widely used sources because of the depth of vast and variant information one can obtain from it(internet). Other sources of information include journals, newspapers, transcripts from radio or Tv programmes, leaflets, photographs , artefacts and the like.

The use of the internet as a source of information requires the use of a search engine.

Some of the well known search engines are:

  • Google.
  • Bing.
  • Yahoo.
  • Ask.com.
  • AOL.com. etc.

 Google beyond reasonable doubts has been the top search engine and most widely used however lack of proper understanding of how google works can lead to misinformation and this has the tendency to be highly detrimental to the purpose for which the information in question is being sought for.

Most of the time, we need to analyze situations or problems with our brains, yet we primarily seek answers from google.What one may not know is that at times results produced by google are mere or raw expressions by others some of which are not proven to be correct.

The brain is a very powerful human organ and it has been likened to computers in recent times. We tend to underutilize the brain when we seldom analyse scenarios but rely solely on posts on the internet.

The internet is very very helpful in this era thus, the eminence of the google search engine cannot be underestimated. It goes a long way in providing relevant information for distinct purposes.

It is important however to note that there can be and there are  false information on the internet, so care must be taken when seeking for information for educational  and other purposes.

Google can be a curse ie obtaining false information from the engine or misusing/ misinterpreting obtained information. Some few ways one can avoid this are as follows:

  • Obtain information from credible sources( websites).
  • Use more than one source.
  • Look out for expert views.
  • Use the search engine to obtain information and use your brain for analyses.

Use GOOGLE wisely and circumspectively else it will become a curse rather than a blessing.

Good day.





Abraham Attah a ghanaian currently living in the USA for his education and career has made ghana proud again by attaining a 4.0 GPA in his first year at school( Chershire Academy).He was presented a Scholastic Improvement award. Abraham Attah is starting school in the USA for the first time and scoring a GPA of 4.0 is something to write home about. This is a clear indication that he is giving equal attention/ dedication to his academic works as much as his career in the movie industry.
He has made Ghanaians proud and his achievements are laudable.
Congratulations Abraham Attah and keep soaring high.



It is naturally incidental that at every point in life, one person has something another person wishes for or had wished to have for years or even decades in some cases. Interestingly in some situations, the one who is deprived of this wish is the one who has worked tirelessly towards its acquisition/accomplishment/achievement, whilst on the other hand the fortunate one would have done relatively less work or in some cases nothing, yet acquire the thing- Life is full of mysteries.

It stands to reason to celebrate with others when they succeed in accomplishing or acquiring something, but is this what happens often?

Take this scenario where a colleague tells you about a new car he bought. In this scenario, you do not own a car.

Do you get elated because your friend bought it? or do you on the contrary wonder how possible it was for him to afford the car?

There are instances where on hearing the good news from the primary celebrant, one smiles or laughs but from within there is either envy or doubt.

At times this feeling of doubt could be involuntary, BUT we must learn to stop that doubt of the genuineness.

There is time for everything, there is a season for everyone and doubting or envying isn’t the best thing to do when other people reap something good. We must refrain from envy in instances as such and celebrate with our friends, colleagues and the like when good things come their way.

When others succeed in something and we doubt or envy them, it eats us up and instils disdain in us.





What attracts you to a woman


It has come to my notice that many advise that character is what one should look out for in a woman should you want to indulge in any courtship with the woman in question. I agree that it is one of the things that one should look out for, because clearly no rational person would voluntarily want to have anything doing with a woman with ill-character. Confidently i would say that most of the time the beauty and curvy features are the first that men look out for. They then look out for other complementing factors like age, educational background, tribe etc, character( meekness, respect, civilization). The character is not the first factor that attracts me. Something must make u have the second look at her first. Most of the time it is not character but the beauty or the wonderful features she is endowed with; Your Nyagadou (Bla Chars of YOLO fame would say) which literally means your behinds depending on how many you have.lol. DO YOU THINK FACTORS OTHER THAN THE BEAUTY OR PHYSICAL FEATURES GIVE MEN THE FIRST ATTRACTION TO WOMEN?

If you are a woman tell me in the comment box the first thing that attracted you to your man. Where did CASH fall? lol..



workplace issues


Lets get talking. What is your worst experience with a superior at work?

How did you handle it?